Some Silicon Valley’s single rich people’s dating experiences

People who graduated from world famous colleges and universities have more willing to work at the Silicon Valley than other places due to the beautiful scenes, warmth climate, most advanced company on that area of the world and more salary. People always known that Silicon Valley should be thought as a cradle of IT professional engineers, it also means it is easy to create some single millionaire every time. But they are struggled in single and wondering find a people to end their single millionaire dating life.

Here we are picked up some info from IT single rich people dating experiences.

Nina Brentlinger, a girl from Seattle and graduated from Stanford University. Work as manager of product and market department in Adobe.

I used to meet a guy who also work as a IT engineer in another company of Silicon Valley, and we chat online over 3 months until he invited me to a restaurant he ordered, but I was addicted in my new product survey so I was invited him to my room, he carried a bottle of wine and it just like means something you know, while, much to my surprised, after one hour later he drunk in my house and spilt the wine on my carpet, even said to me it is perfect if we get together to see a wonderful pole dance. What a single millionaire dating.


Scott Purdy, lived his childhood in Washington DC, and graduated from Cornell University and work as the engineering manager in Numenta.

From the beginning of the dating we talked about our closed friend no matter yours and mine, what I shared are the funny, Interesting, Meaningful, Unforgettable things which ever happened among my friend and me, but she always state even complained about her friends, it made me felt uncomfortable and unfriendly, also has a little bit of sense of ignore. Friend is the gift send to us as a precious gift, should never been ignore. That’s a special single millionaire dating experiences.


Should we pay more attention on dating no matter common people or millionaire, glitterati, rich men and women even wealthy dating with other people we preferred? I guess yes, directly. All of us is a lonely planet, until you meet the only one despite have been faced some difficult situations.

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Millionaire Dating paradise to meet their lovers.

Today we continue to talk about some paradise place in millionaire dating when they travel abroad. As we all known that meet a millionaire is a relative easy way to make life better catch for their luxury lifestyle. But the millionaire, rich people, glitterati are more busy in their own career than common people except the holiday. Here we are list some place where millionaire dating paradise to meet their lovers.





Greece, Eden of men and women.

Do you remember the Venus? She is a naked sculpture which been built in ancient time and it is a standard of nude beaches, there is not any place could better than Grecian among history, culture and other natural conditions. People who addicted in Nude beach are more likely know about Paradise Beach, the world most famous Nude beach, which is located in Greece, you can enjoy your own nude beach on that place and dating with some local people as a millionaire dating.



Rome, Italy. So many strong men.

Rome, a historical city in Italy, has exists over 2500 years since it as a city in ancient time and still act a important role in Italian history, culture and economy. Over hundreds of the museums in Rome could show you the brilliant history of medieval Europe. Moreover, as a married or single millionaire, you have more chances to select the local famous luxuries. Rome is men style city which has conclude Colosseum, strong taste of Cappuccino and Espresso, Birthplace of Julius Caesar.

Living your holiday and vacation in Rome if want seek a millionaire or dating with a sexy one.



Budapest, Romantic dating city.

This city once been awarded as the most quiet and peaceful city in the world by Frenches, she is the city which suit for single people travel alone, there have old tramcars, churches, castles. Single millionaires who preferred the peaceful quiet environment could order a ticket to arrive that.

If you are struggled in busy work and have few time to travel as a millionaire dating tour, also could scan our online millionaire dating website

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She married with rich man who hold the Facebook, and you?

Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world most rich man, the founder of Facebook, has owned over 50 billion dollars from his career and ever attend in millionaire dating with other women. After nine years dating on the way, he married with Priscilla Chan, a woman who graduated from Harvard University and work as a doctor now. What we really interested is the reasons, chance and process for they meet each other and fall in love, what they learned and experienced in that way.

I think almost the girls and women who want date a millionaire has heard the story about them, so we jump into the discuss part to discover the more factors and ways to help some our dear sisters to seek a millionaire.


Priscilla Chan is a common Asian female if you look her at the first sight by her appearance, but she is a independent woman and it seems impossible to make herself sheltered in her husband, even she is the Zuckerberg’s wife in law. She graduated from the Harvard University and has a better education background, when she was a child her parents living a tough life by operated a small Chinese restaurant to support their own life in US after they immigrant from Vietnam. The parents lack of time to accompanied their children but his grandmother is a standing woman despite difficult to communicate with others by English. She paid more attentions to made their grandchildren get more and better education since they was a child even though she didn’t means it is necessary factor to seek a millionaire in future. She meet her husband in a party after passed the college entrance examinations and into Harvard University and dating over nine years.

What the key of her successful in love is the courage and profitable opportunity, more important is her own inner charm.


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Good luck.

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What should the attractive women do when they seek millionaire dating

Life pushed us busy and felt tired day by day, while, did you ever considered doing something to exciting your spirit by your own? Online millionaire dating is a perfect way to search some millionaire singles whom surround in your city. Spend time on online dating websites to meet some people socially and trying to date and become the lover with the one who make you have the willing to spent time with. We all known that online dating websites have provide a convenient way to meet rich men and marry with them. Here are some tips we collected to help some women date experience excellent and sustaining a great relationship with a rich man.

Real online personal profile  

Set your own profile exactly in online millionaire websites is the first definitely step in the way of seek millionaire. Rich people are paid more attentions on their own careers and wouldn’t more time been see much at sports, club and other kind of leisure ways, the most efficient way to meet them is seek them online. All in all, there are few people have the rights to be a Gold member in top online millionaire dating websites and they are more tend to seek women they interested from the special recommend from official which taken from over thousands of the member’s profiles, filled the private information among age, height, weight, interest, hobby, education background and a great looking photo in daily life, what the most important is promise all of the info you upload is real.


Overindulge is dangerous

Meet a millionaire when first dating with him do not shows your strong intention in millionaire dating and eager to marry with him. As his lady, what should you representing to him is only love him instead of his money. Avoid to talk about his properties, real estates and etc, more reach to lifestyle, something you ever meet when you travel.


Verified his real status

You have posted many updates in dating websites and wish to meet a real rich man to date, but their still some faked one on that even though his updated and photos seems look a real one, does he pretentious? Mention his real identified info essential is vital if you want meet a single rich man on that.

Seek millionaire online and find love is a increasing popular way in our daily life with the development of mobile internet period, we hoped that you matched the people make your life luxury and peaceful, all the best.


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How to deal with different manners’ single rich man when you dating with.

We all known that single millionaire has been thought as the valuable man in society and they don’t worry about lacked the opportunities to meet sexy and pretty women. Therefore, they more likely to meet you as a common attitude when they felt you are not the one who accompanied himself for a long time. Here we are some tips about how to deal with different manners single rich man when you dating with them.

Firstly is they do not considered you as a sexy woman, some of the single rich man considered the sexy woman is the best choice for them to be with in a long time, as a rich man he has able to seek a dream woman by what the wealth he owned. Urge yourself must become a sexy woman is the first things what should you do. In rich man eyes, life is short and unpredictable but only living every day meaningful, not only for the luxury lifestyle but also date with a sexy women nor commons.


Next, must be welcome with reluctance. Almost all of the men will addicted in women tender heart when they showing it but still sheltered. While anything overdue just make it worse nor better. Enthusiastic and reluctance is a opposite each other but mixed it could yield twice the results with half the effort. As the old saying goes: When a thing is rare, it becomes precious, the more passion you put in that man you loved, the more ignore you felt as a feedback.


Finally, if the man you sought still doesn’t feel appreciated just showing your appreciation and praised to him, it probably made himself felt more encouraging to do more things that you interested, and all the things seems on the way.


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